Manual, Sage Payroll, Star Professional, Money Manager, Moneysoft & more.

At Eastbourne Payroll Services we offer payroll training to companies nationally across the UK, from Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Payroll training can either be given manually or using payroll software on the computer. We offer payroll training in Sage Payroll, Star Professional, Money Manager or Moneysoft and various other payroll software programs and packages.

We offer basic manual payroll training, right through to the most advanced Sage Payroll training, Star Professional, Money Manager and Moneysoft training - either privately or on our payroll training courses.

We offer payroll training in house, or remotely over the telephone.

If you are thinking of processing your own payroll, or using payroll software and don't know where to start, then contact our Eastbourne payroll training specialist today. 


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